Monday, 23 February 2015

Life after PhD!

Sorry for not posting here recently. It's been a wild ride this winter. So cold! Yet, productive on other fronts. If you remember we were planning on launching in January. But instead that is when things fell into place for me to defend my PhD. Add to that running games for all kinds of people, and we've been trying to keep our feet under us. In all of that Richard and I have been working on the cards, new art and a new beta is out there. We did find a printer that will work, but we want to investigate an option close to home that might be even better. Yet, in that time the Canadian dollar has dropped quite a bit so I'm needing to re-run our numbers to make sure everything still works. When we launch the Kickstarter will be in CDN$, but we'll make sure to put the equivalents in there for you as well. The final piece is creating all the campaign art - complete with stretch goals and all that jazz. I built some temporary art for that when we started, but I defer to Richard's artistic prowess. We are close, but we are also not wanting to be in a hurry and mess up the funding structure. Our goal is to get a product in your hands at a great price and not lose our shirts in the process. Sound good?

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Awesome Adventure Academy

We are running games all weekend at the Nepean Sportsplex. We had a great day today with games going much of the day. If you are keen to see our latest printing of the cards come on out and saddle up to one of our two tables.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Upcoming Event - Next Monday (Dec. 8) #beersandboardgames at the Royal Oak

So I'm pretty stoked about our next event. Our friends at Cardboard Kingdom have invited us to run Dungeon World in the Royal Oak pub (188 Bank Street location, Ottawa). They get started around 7PM. You can find more info on the event here of on the Cardboard Kingdom website. We'll have enough decks, character sheets, dice, and crayons to field six tables. In fact we even have the option of a whole table en fran├žais (conversation not the characters, sorry). I'll have a quick start tutorial for GMs which I'll run through while the players set up their characters. Tables will have up to 5 players and 1 GM. If you want to try out GMing this is your opportunity. We will set you up. We'll also have several GMs who can help out where needed. All this and we have a cool new pick-up scenario for you to run: Terror in the Swamp!

All of our custom starter scenarios will be available digitally through our Kickstarter campaign. But why wait, come on out and play with us. You know you want to!

Sunday, 9 November 2014


This is the video, remember you are seeing it here first! :-)

This was from one of our earlier attempts.

Next project is to update all the artwork on the kickstarter page. Getting closer!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Art Update

Just a few pieces of art for the project. You might be interested to see where the ideas come from, and what a basic idea sketch looks like. Enjoy!

By the way - if you are a fantasy artist, give us a shout.
We would like to talk to you about using your pieces for our cards.

This is how they all begin. Sharpie on 3x4 index card

Second stage. Inked sketch, scanned and cleaned up

The barbed devil

Blink dogs. Ink sketch

Basic sharpie sketch of a horde of Kobolds

Inked trio of Salamanders

Basic sketch of a Sigben (sp?), a sort of rat-like vampire thrall

Second iteration of the Treant. Still not happy with it

Basic sketch of a Xorn. I like this one

This is the way we're going - acrylic on 80 lb index card
Sample card with pen and ink art - meh

It's not so bad with monochromatic critters like blink dogs

More or less final art for the Treant card
This is the quality of art we would like to see from artists.
Mixed media by Cat Hennessey

Sunday, 12 October 2014

New Art

Richard is doing the lion's share of the art for our project. He's actually painting the images then putting them on the computer with the miracle of photography. He starts with sketches in the style we plan to use initially - but our first stretch goal gives us enough to cover the art budget for full colour art for the base deck. At that point full colour art will be the order of the day.

Here are some choice sketches.